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REMAR INDUSTRIES is a subsidiary company of REMAR GROUP INC, acting as a financial institution set up to promote economic growth and industrial development. We aim to be the primary source of commercially sustainable industrial development and innovation.


We promote entrepreneurship by building competitive industries and enterprises based on sound business principles. We provide finance for industrial development projects, playing a catalytic role in the promotion of partnerships across industries within and outside our borders, fostering regional economic growth.


We fund existing or emerging businesses that will benefit REMAR's investors, building industrial infrastructure, creating jobs and encouraging the growth of our group.

To do this effectively and efficiently, we have identified three core areas to focus on:


  • Enhancing the value chain in the mining, metal and chemical industries;

  • Supporting agro-processing as well as building the country's industrial infrastructure; and

  • Ensuring the success of projects that have a high-impact on industrial growth and a long-term effect on the national economy.


We offer funding, investment and support in the following sectors:


  • Agro-Processing and Agriculture

  • Automotive and Transport Equipment

  • Basic and Specialty Chemicals

  • Chemical Products and Pharmaceuticals

  • Clothing and Textiles

  • Heavy Manufacturing

  • Industrial Infrastructure

  • Light Manufacturing and Tourism

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Media and Motion Pictures

  • Metals and Mining

  • New Industries

Office Address:



One World Trade Center

285, Fulton Street - Manhattan

New York - NY 10007

United States of America

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