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Over the last thirty years, traditional bond investments have generated positive returns. Today, with yields at historic lows, you may need to take greater risks in order to find the returns you are looking for. We believe that now is the time to change the approach to tackle the challenges associated with the bond markets today. REMAR Fixed Income (RFI) is the solution.


With an investment strategy that adapts to changing markets, REMAR FUND invests in the fixed income market and various industries around the world to create a diversified portfolio that takes advantage of opportunities in the bond markets of today. Additionally, we capitalize on the purchase and sale of raw construction materials in the UAE market.


REMAR’s rigorous approach to risk management allows our customers to count on more than 150 Equity Managers who specialize in fixed income and are internationally available across key financial markets. We use a unique approach, testing hundreds of investment scenarios per day to understand and identify potential pitfalls.


To better protect our investors, REMAR offers the unique solution of an unconditional, fixed date maturity bank guarantees from a primary bank. This means that you will always have the comfort of knowing exactly when, how and how much your investment will yield.


Furthermore, this type of guarantee makes you free from conditions or stipulations that could hinder full payment and capital protection. Rest assured that on the maturity date, you will receive 100% of the capital, plus profit as established according to the investment you have chosen.

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