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Chairman's Message

Founder and President’s Message:


Dear Partners,


It is my great pleasure, honor and privilege to serve REMAR as a Founder, President and CEO. What really gratifies me is the satisfaction expressed by everyone as a result of the attained profit. Without you, your belief and your trust, REMAR would not have established itself over time.


Under my leadership, REMAR has grown significantly in terms of the partnership, with an increase in collective investment for the financial benefit of our group. Furthermore, there has been a beneficial impact on our investors, which is on the rise, year after year.


REMAR has been developing a strategy for years based on the diversification of markets. High growth potential, customer-centric business models and technology are the key elements we require to face the transformation process experienced within the financial sector.


ROSWEALTH - Official Picture -

REMAR is an increasingly global financial group and we have used these recent years to continue our expansion into markets with high growth potential to offer excellent results to our investors.


Our driving force has been the trust placed in us by our investors; standing by us as we create innovative investment opportunities with expansion into the international market.


Our investors have given us the opportunity to collaborate and be part of our transformation into the financial industry. They support REMAR as an extraordinary investment platform in one of the best industries in the world, making us what we are today; one of the world’s most private valuable and admired investment companies.


In addition to the profound regulatory changes in our industry and the turning of the world’s economy towards emerging markets, society, lifestyles and performer opportunities, part of our secret is based on the fact that the real needs within the economy can be turned into profit for both our customers and our group.


Conventional banking business models are no longer enough to meet customer needs. REMAR has been able to anticipate and evolve, offering our customers new, simple solutions that they can access how, where and when they want. All of this has been possible due to the use of technology as a strategic element, differentiating us from our competitors.


More importantly, we are working towards a successful future for our customers, employees and society as a whole. The team at REMAR are part of a corporate culture based on integrity, prudence and transparency, all of which have been key in allowing us to build a strong business model that is able to grow with a customer-centric manner.


I invite you to browse through the Group's corporate website; the best online storefront to find out who we are and how we work, reflecting our commitment to transparency. You will find the widest range of products and services, designed and engineered to meet the specific needs of our customers. 


I intend to personally thank all of our partners for their trust. I invite you all to renew the support you have given to ensure the growth of REMAR.




                                                    Manuel Ros

                                                        Founder and President

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