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We have a fiduciary duty to our clients.


The client always comes first. We act with conviction. We have a responsibility as the voice of the investor and we represent each client fairly with their best interests as our top priority.


We are passionate about performance


We are passionate about our work and focused on performing at the highest level. Our success requires us to out-think and out-work our competitors. We take pride in our expertise and possess an insatiable appetite to grow.


We are REMAR


We know that the best solutions result from the ideas and contributions of a diverse team of employees and partners. Diversity strengthens us and delivers better results for our clients. We expect our employees to have a strong working knowledge of the firm beyond their core responsibilities, with a constant communication being critical to our success.


We are Innovators


Continuous innovation helps us bring the best of REMAR to our clients. Innovation requires us to be respectfully anti-bureaucratic, to challenge the status quo and not be afraid of failure. We’re proud of our long history of innovation; the history of introducing new and innovative approaches across our entire business has been the foundation of our success.

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