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REMAR Growth Strategy:


  • Helps entrepreneurs scale businesses through strategic capital and worldwide networks

  • Focuses exclusively on investments in growth-stage and technology-driven companies. As part of REMAR Group, we have invested in strategic capital for entrepreneurs and management to execute long-term growth plans since 1998.  




We believe by partnering with strong management teams and leveraging the resources of the firm, we can help companies grow into market leaders and create long-term value for their customers, partners and shareholders. The team targets investments ranging in size of $30 million+ in companies with the following characteristics:


  • Proven management team

  • Strong financial track record and 20%+ annual revenue growth

  • Large market opportunity

  • Innovative technology or proprietary processes that create a sustainable competitive advantage




Aside from our 20 years of corporate investing experience, our portfolio companies have access to a broad range of resources offered by REMAR Group, including:


  • A global network of client relationships, important to structuring and operating successful business ventures and recruiting senior executives and board directors

  • Access to market insights and sophisticated financial advice

  • Availability of additional resources and capital to enable continued organic growth, acquisitions or geographic expansion

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