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REMAR PETROLEUM is a subsidiary company of REMAR GROUP INC. It strengthens our financial capacity that supports the production, refining and distribution processes of our product. 


We group together the synergies and common interests of multiple users in order to achieve maximum continuity in the supply of different products, especially in collaboration with the final-use holders. This generates better conditions, rendering production prices to be competitive and securing long-term product flows.


The sale of any petroleum product goes through a process by taking in the order and passing it on to the loading and transport departments, ensuring its delivery under any circumstances.

Our clients are the primary international traders as well as private, industrial and institutional end-users.


REMAR PETROLEUM procures commodities from hundreds of third-party producers worldwide. This provides diversification for our customers and enables us to identify opportunities to grow our asset base.




REMAR PETROLEUM operates each stage of the supplies chain in different countries such as US, UK, Canada, Spain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Japan, China, Mongolia, Angola, Switzerland, Ghana, Indonesia, Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Italy, Greece, South Africa and India. 


Our industrial, refinery and logistics activities are located in both established and emerging regions for natural resources and the main minerals, metals and refinery products we transact with are: 


D2 (Gasoil L0, 2-62, GOST 305-82), Gas oil PPM 10, JP54 (Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54), LPG, Propane, Butane, Light Crude Oil, Heavy Crude Oil, Bitumen, Gasoline 95/98, European Standard, Gasoline Without Alcohol, Copper, Gold 999/9.


Our global operations cover all the upstream and downstream activities along the service supply chain and our mission is to provide an exceptional level of service and high-quality end products to our industrial and private customers.


Office Address:



One World Trade Center

285, Fulton Street - Manhattan

New York - NY 10007

United States of America

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