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REMAR Fund LTD is an unregulated eligible Investor Funds incorporated in Jersey. It is structured by reinvesting the equity received by investors, partners, or worldwide subsidiary companies in other markets or industries, maintaining guaranteed capital and profit.


The sole activity of the Fund is the procurement of monies from investors through our related international entities worldwide, acting only in commercial support under a strictly dedicated role to develop marketing and promotion of the financial opportunities offered by the Fund.


The fund is managed by our leading team present in the REMAR Fund head office in respect of the relevant laws to assure profit in regards to the commitments conferred with our partners.


The group has structured the fund to assure a significant advantage in competing with other European and offshore jurisdictions. Becoming a fund's jurisdiction of choice, particularly for private equity, allows a dedicated department within the holding company to ensure the supervision of activities within alternative/hedge funds and sophisticated investors.

Office Address:



17 Queen Street
St. Helier, Jersey




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