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REMAR announces a new STAND, which will be exposed in all exhibitions, events and conferences in which REMAR will take part, our new modular structure of 600 square meters on two levels with adjoining elevators and private lounges will be available to welcome all partners and collaborators.

The structure offers a top floor arranged as a private club and dedicated to a series of exclusive services reserved only to our partners and investors who have already established a business relationship with REMAR.

Has been classed one of the most luxurious and technological stands in the world, there are lounges and private areas, private meeting rooms equipped with advanced technology for presentation and visualization of investment offers for our customers who can access the information as if they were in one of our company offices worldwide.

The stand have glass elevator with a video screen on the floor, bars and kitchen for the preparation of high-quality fresh foods, cellar wines provided the primary labels to the accompaniment of the foods offered to our visitors, an audio console and a system of colored lights transform the stand in a place of social event at a certain time of the day.

The staff available is more than 50 people with iPad and white gloves to assist and support the guest's requests and explanation to access to all offers promoted by REMAR.

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