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Manuel Ros

Founder, President & CEO


Manuel Ros grew up, professionally, within various worldwide markets, bringing along with his extensive experience in the financial sectors and construction business. His professional background comes from the experience as a market maker in structured products and the industrialization process in the construction and development of the real estate.


From 2001 onwards, Manuel began to build various companies and acquiring others operating in various industries including real estate.  He began to create a group of companies which led him to become part of the financial sector, active in construction and the purchase and sale of whole buildings between banks and private equity funds both in Italy and abroad. He was active in important acquisitions operating in major European countries, joining a group of banks as a financial adviser and agent representative.


His visionary leadership leads to the creation of REMAR GROUP, including companies around the world that are performing different business activities. When grouped together these provide a synergy of products and services that meet the needs of private and institutional investors on an international level.


Manuel’s concrete, innovative, and dynamic management style supports his innovative ingenuity associated with experience and expertise. Manuel Ros expanded REMAR GROUP and based the success on the philosophy "to shift the opportunities into reality", widening the business area and creating REMAR GROUP as the point of the synergies for the various financial activities carried out by the group worldwide. These include REMAR FUND, a Jersey-based private fund to support the business activities conducted by the group.


Among the latest steps performed in support of market demand, it highlights the creation of FX REMAR, a dedicated and exclusive FX Platform for online trading devoted to further expand the group.


Meanwhile, Manuel decided to link the finance field with the commodities market, establishing REMAR PETROLEUM to add a petrol and chemical business to the group. He created several partnerships with leading companies, closing international supply agreements concentrated in the Middle East and Asia.


Michael Venturi
Chief Executive Officer of Global Investment and Markets


John Venturi is Chief Executive of Global Investment and Markets. He is also a Group Managing Director and a member of the Group Management Board. Mr. Venturi assumed these responsibilities on 1 January 2011.


Mr. Venturi joined REMAR in 2008. He started as Head of Fixed Income Trading in Europe and Head of Global Markets at REMAR Group. In 2009, he was promoted to Head of Global Markets and in 2010, assumed the additional role of Deputy Head of Global Markets.


Mr. Venturi became Head of Global Markets in January 2010 and a Group General Manager in May 2010. He was given management responsibility for Global Research in September 2011 and joint management responsibility for REMAR Securities Services in 2011.


Robert Patterson
Chief Operation Officer of Global Investment and Markets


Mr. Patterson was appointed COO of Global Investment and Markets in August 2013. In this role, he works closely with our priority client relationships and focuses on developing key growth initiatives through collaboration across business lines. He has been a Group General Manager since January 2012.


Mr. Patterson began his career with REMAR in 2011 as Global Head of Leveraged and Acquisition Finance. He then became Head of Global Capital Financing and in April 2012, took on the role of Global Head of Principal Investments. In January 2013, he became Co-Head of Global Investment and oversaw REMAR’s vast Global Investment business, which has a presence in over 20 countries and territories.


Alexander Coral
Chief Financial Officer of Global Investment and Market


Mr. Coral is a chartered accountant, joining REMAR in July 2008. Mr. Coral was appointed Chief Finance Director of REMAR in December 2010.


He initially served as Chief Strategy Officer of REMAR where he was instrumental in the restructuring of REMAR’s consumer finance business.


From September 2009 until his appointment to the Board as Chief Finance Director, Mr. Coral was Financial Officer Asia-Pacific, within REMAR.


Before joining REMAR, Mr. Coral worked at Prelida Fund in the US from 1998 to 2007. He joined Prelida as Controller of the Global Consumer Finance Unit which specialized in providing credit and corporate loans. He then became Chief Financial Officer of Prelida Consumer Finance – Americas.


He also held the roles of Regional Finance Director for Europe/Africa and for South-East Asia. During the early part of his career, Mr. Coral worked for PriceWaterhouse Coopers in New York and Paris, as well as Thomson McLintock, KMG in the UK.


Phillipe Netar
Global Head of Investment


Mr. Netar is the Global Head of Investment for REMAR. He is responsible for structuring the leading investment dedicated to our biggest corporate, financial, and government clients. Mr. Netar was appointed to this position in August 2013, having previously been Co-Head of Global Investment and Head of Global Investment and Markets for Asia-Pacific since September 2011, based in Hong Kong. He was appointed Group General Manager in 2010.


Since joining REMAR in 2009, Mr. Netar has led the merger of the Global Investment and Markets’ corporate and investment banking functions, as well as spearheaded the broader development of its equity’s strategy.


Mr. Netar has over 15 years of experience in corporate and investment banking, with a significant focus on the transportation services and infrastructure sectors during the latter years. He has been involved with many high-profile transactions throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, including privatizations, acquisitions, disposals, and structured financings, as well as leading client relationships and transactions in other key sectors.


Clarc Lerna
Head of REMAR Securities Services


Mr. Lerna was appointed Head of REMAR Securities Services (RSS) in September 2014, having previously been a Co-Head of the business since April 2010.


Mr. Lerna is responsible for the delivery of the end-to-end security service’s solutions to both institutional investors and corporate clients, globally. This covers asset servicing solutions including global and local custody and clearing, traditional and alternative investment fund administration, trustee and fiduciary oversight and issuer service solutions including the provision of corporate trust and loan agency capabilities.


Mr. Lerna is a Chartered Accountant and has over 15 years financial services experience. He joined REMAR in 2012 and has held a number of senior positions within the Global Investment and Markets division of the Fund including Co-Head of REMAR Securities Services, Head of Prime Services Global Markets, CFO and COO of Global Markets, Head of Audit, Global Markets and COO Global Markets, Australia.


Collin Roler
Global Head of Markets


Mr. Roler is a Managing Director and Global Head of Markets within the Global Investment and Markets division of REMAR Fund.


Mr. Roler has 20 years of experience in the Capital Markets business and has held a variety of cross asset class positions in the sales and trading business. Mr. Roler has a deep knowledge of the capital markets and has significant experience in overseeing a diverse conduct risk agenda to ensure the best outcome for both customers and the business.


Previous to his current appointment, Mr. Roler was Head of Markets and Global Head of Structured Derivatives, where he developed the REMAR Derivatives Platform across all regions and products.


Ben Larry
Global Head of Capital Financing


Mr. Larry joined REMAR in 2010 as Global Head of Debt Capital Markets and Acquisition Finance. He was also jointly responsible for REMAR’s government sector. He was previously Co-Head of Global Markets with effect from 1 January 2011. Global Markets housed the Investment’s fixed income, commodities and equity activities across sales, trading, origination and research.


Mr. Larry was appointed Global Head of Capital Financing with effect from 12 August 2013. Capital Financing houses the primary products of Global Investment and Markets, such as Debt Capital Markets and Equity Capital Markets.


Prior to joining REMAR, Mr. Larry had a 17-year career with private funds in New York, Hong Kong and London across a number of areas including real estate finance, investment banking and debt capital markets.


During his career he ran Asian debt origination, started and managed European public sector origination, managed European emerging markets asset and liability origination, European financing and risk management and, prior to his departure, ran liability origination in the Pacific Rim (Japan, Asia-Pacific and Australasia).


Frederic Morel
Global Chief Risk Officer


Mr. Morel joined REMAR in November 2007 as Chief Financial and Risk Officer with global responsibility for leading and managing the Global Banking and Markets finance and risk functions. In January 2008 he was also appointed Chief of Staff, responsible for all infrastructure in Global Banking and Markets.


Mr. Morel was appointed as an Executive Director of REMAR in January 2014. He is Global Chief Risk Officer, with responsibility for risk and compliance and a member of the Group Management Board, positions he has held since December 2010.


Mr. Morel began his career at Pharrell before joining Funds Trust as a fixed income, money market and futures trader. He is a qualified accountant and was Audit Partner and Head of the Market Risk Advisory Group at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2001 he joined a primary bank as European Chief Financial Officer and Global Head of the Valuation Control Group.


Paul Brema
Head of Global Investment and Markets, Asia-Pacific


Mr. Brema joined REMAR in 2009. He spent 11 years in various positions, including Director and Head of Exchange Traded Derivatives and represented Fund on various exchange and regulatory bodies.


Mr. Brema is the Head of Global Investment and Markets (GIM) for Asia-Pacific at REMAR. He was appointed this position in August 2014, having previously been the Head of Global Markets for Asia-Pacific from 2010. He is responsible for all GIM businesses in Asia-Pacific, including Banking, Markets, Capital Financing, Securities Services, Balance Sheet Management and Payments and Cash Management for REMAR clients.


In his previous position as the Head of Global Markets for Asia-Pacific, Mr. Brema was responsible for REMAR’s credit, debt capital markets, rates, foreign exchange, equities, research, balance sheet management and securities services businesses across 20 countries in the region. He was instrumental in strengthening the collaboration between Global Markets and the Fund’s customer-facing groups in Global Investment and Retail Wealth Management.


In 2012 Mr. Brema relocated to Singapore to run REMAR’s Asia-Pacific Futures and Options business before moving to London in 2013 as the Global Head of Futures. In 2013, Brema took on additional responsibilities as Managing Director and Head of the Rates Sales Group in Europe, and Head of Hedge Fund Sales for Treasury and Capital Markets. The following year, he was appointed Co-head of Institutional Sales for Europe, which also included responsibility for the management of the Credit and Emerging Markets sales teams.


In 2014, Brema was appointed Head of Sales and Regional Treasury Management, Global Markets, Asia-Pacific. This position included responsibility for managing Global Markets’ dealing rooms across the region, along with supervision of sales management and the continued development of the distribution platform in Asia-Pacific. He joined the Global Markets Management Committee in July 2015.


Jean Ferrero
Head of Global Investment and Markets, EMEA


Mr. Ferrero is the Head of Global Investment and Markets, EMEA with effect from 15th June 2014. He is responsible for all GIM businesses in EMEA, including Banking, Markets, Capital Financing, Securities Services, Balance Sheet Management and Payments and Cash Management for REMAR clients.


Prior to this appointment, he was Global Head of Markets. Markets manages the Investment fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities and equity activities across sales, trading and research.


Mr. Ferrero joined REMAR in 2012 and served within REMAR Securities as Head of Emerging Markets. Before joining REMAR, he was Head of Local Markets Trading in America for primary banks in New York, where he started the local bank operation in 2000.


Matthew Laren
Head of Global Investment and Markets, Americas


In 2016 Mr. Laren was appointed Treasurer of REMAR in USA, New York and Head of Balance Sheet Management for the Americas. He served as Chief Executive Officer of REMAR Securities in 2014 until 2016 before relocating to London in 2017 to become Global Head of Balance Sheet Management.


Mr. Laren has worked for REMAR partner fund since 2008. He has held positions for various private fund in Tokyo, Paris and London, undertaking various roles in Global Markets and Treasury. He was appointed Head of Global Investment and Markets for the Americas on April 2015 and is responsible for the management of the GIM business across Canada, U.S. and Latin America.

Mr. Laren was previously Group Treasurer of REMAR HOLDING PLC based in London, a role he held from January 2017. He was appointed a Group General Manager in February 2018.

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