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REMAR GROUP is a group of companies dedicated to control and manage all individual company-owned entities that promote and carry out various activities worldwide. The company is incorporated in New York and structured in respect of the laws concerning the relevant business activity.


Based in New York, the REMAR GROUP is purely operational, ensuring all the companies respect the functioning policy. It is responsible for the technical management in support of all subsidiaries in the group, monitoring the teams in Dubai, London, Jersey, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is also involved in all final decisions to satisfy the needs of individual, corporate and institutional investors.


REMAR is the point of intersection of all results produced by the subsidiaries. It is also where the operational strategies become a reality following proper analysis and due diligence. Its aim is to maintain the companies to ensure excellent performance and to have direct contact with operational partners in order to obtain the expected results.


Office Address:



One World Trade Center

285, Fulton Street - Manhattan

New York - NY 10007

United States of America


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