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REMAR Capital Japan JSC, is a commercial company within the group. Incorporated in Japan, it is structured in respect of the laws concerning the relevant business activity.


The company is located in Tokyo and has a commercial role to promote a financial investment opportunity offered by REMAR Fund to our investors. Through an extremely professional team, we are capable of performing a customized global consultancy to satisfy our investor’s needs.


Our team acts on expanding our leading concept through a secure and customized investment opportunity based to ensure comfort on the capital invested in our Fund. It is managed with the respect and protection of the trust reserved by the investor, with the scope to increase their personal wealth.


To ensure satisfaction amongst the primary services offered by our organization, the investor can benefit with support from a private investment manager to monitoring their investments.


Office Address:
Atago Green Hills Mori Tower
Atago, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
Tel. +81.50.5806.3603
Fax. +81.3.6745.1099

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