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The REMAR GROUP vision and strategy were developed by our President Mr. Manuel Ros based on his passion and dedication used to realize his personal vision focus on what to do but on how it does, on it between much other reason, REMAR GROUP growth not only by his corporate policy but on the belief to be unique and assure the result given in priority high attention and care to the trust received by our partners.


REMAR GROUP over time became closer and closer to our investors and available to offer a better solution worldwide with a global presence.


The Global Consultancy

In addition to proposing the best tools to enhance savings, our customer service is intended to give you the right advice to stay up-to-date on investment and market trends to ensure that you achieve the best results in the long term. The advice we give is personalized and targeted to enable you to make financial choices consistent with your needs.


The REMAR Equity Manager does not sell financial products, but merely offers solutions. With this business model, we operate in different areas of the financial services sector with the expertise and flexibility to best respond to the constant economic, fiscal, and financial market fluctuations. 


Our investment strategy is the result of a constant and meticulous study of world markets and expertise in asset management, which allows us to deliver results that mitigate investment risk.

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