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REMAR has stood out as a different kind of investment firm.


REMAR was founded on a simple but revolutionary idea that every single market is an opportunity to make money and increase wealth. The concept was based on that idea that the economy of every country is stronger through economic evolution and that the evolution depends from how much cash is injected into the main sectors of where the economy is based.


Sometimes the liquidity in the market to support growth is not equal to the equity which is available in the economy at that moment. In fact, the equity not invested into the main industries but saved from many individual and corporate profiles, decelerates the growth and limits the benefit for a lot of potential investors that do not become part of the evolution due to the lack of safe and innovative opportunities.


The difference between how much is present in the economy and how much could be injected in the market depends only on the trust that all potential investors have in the opportunities offered to them from the market.


Based on those points, REMAR founded the philosophy that a revolutionary and modern fund-raising company should be managed solely in the interest of its fund partners.


The Founder of REMAR has structured a client-owned* fund-raising company with no outside owners seeking profit.


This framework has abled our leadership team to put our investors at the forefront of all decisions and to continually ensure maximum results in terms of comfort, satisfaction and profit. Our strategy, analysis and constant presence on the market has been an important factor in the consistently strong performance of our funds over time.


REMAR’s structure remains unique in the industry. Today, we are widely recognized as a leader in safe investments with dedicated attention towards the protected interest of our investors.


Navigating a multitude of investment choices and maintaining focus amid unpredictable markets can be difficult. As thousands of investors and advisors have come to trust REMAR, our logo remains an apt metaphor for a company with an unwavering commitment to its mission.


*Client-owned means those fund partners are considered shareholders, which in turn own REMAR.

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