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In the mid-2000s, a pioneering fund-raising company decided to stand alone in exclusively serving the client’s interests.


Today, there’s still only one REMAR.


In 2007, in the wake of one of the worst financial markets in the middle of a Great Economic Depression, Manuel Ros, a visionary leader launched a bold experiment; a fund-raising company that was designed to support economic growth. As a result, REMAR would be the first ever company to be owned by its fund member and operate solely in the interest of its fund partners.


Manuel Ros, Founder, created this structured for one purpose—to build wealth for its clients and to raise the local market up using the equity stocked and saved in the local individual’s bank accounts without producing benefit for themselves or for the local economy.


REMAR differs from other fund companies in that they redirected the net profits collected through the investments made by the equity partners, in order to other fund investors as new partners. The arrangement was similar to a credit union that participates in supporting the growth of a local company and be part of the profit raised from company growth, without risk.


As a result, REMAR opened the first index fund-raising concept, launching the era of collective investing. REMAR‘s innovations were revolutionary with overnight success.


Steady Growth


By 2008, REMAR started to be well-known within major markets. It spread widely by word of mouth due to its success as a result of prudently-managed funds, conscientious service and low-risk profit.


As assets improved, Manuel Ros put in place its indisputable strategies and REMAR launched more fund-raising opportunities. The company extended services to support private companies, government plans, institutions and commodity and currency markets as a financial broker.


REMAR’s loyal client base continued to grow as a result of the continuous interest from its customers and their endless support. With cash injection and high-profile attention from major worldwide investors, REMAR began to rise between the ranks of the nation’s major fund firms.


Other investment companies started to take notice. By the 2009s, as a performing investment and fundraiser, REMAR had demonstrated its merits. Competitors began to emulate REMAR by offering their own funds and opportunities to support the set-up of a stronger joint venture, expanding this idea of fund-raising in favor of its partners whose trust in REMAR contributed to its economic growth.

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